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Françoise Thinat creates the "Galaxie-y" endowment fund

"Founder in 1989 of the International Piano Competition of Orleans, of which she is now Honorary President, Francoise Thinat, renowned pianist and pedagogue, is creating the Endowment Fund "Galaxie-Y": "Message of Hope and friendship, the endowment fund "Galaxie-Y" is built step by step, modest and ambitious at the same time, with as a double objective the diffusion of the philosophical message of the "jatekok" of Gyorgy Kurtag and the replay of scores of french 20th century.

And Françoise Thinat continues: "The purpose of this endowment fund is to create a new space of meetings and musical sharing, different from the traditional concept of the piano competition and closer to competition-meetings, to give the opportunity to play to encourage cultural exchange for talented young pianists selected around the world".
The project will allow these young talents, through scholarships, to travel and to participate in international piano competitions for young musicians, dealing with the repertoire of the twentieth century. "Galaxie-Y" offers the opportunity to record and give concerts around the French music of the early 20th century. These opportunities may be offered to professional artists to support their commitments. "
A large support committee is already organizing and people who wish to join can share their thoughts and ideas at the following address :

To be continued.

JDB (Magcentre of January 16, 2019)
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